10 Exporting SOT v3 Schedules

10.1 Exporting a SOT v3 Schedule to an .exf file


10.1 Exporting a SOT v3 Schedule to an .exf file

For SOT v3 projects created from an .exf file, a completed SOT schedule can be exported as an .exf file along with all of its corresponding production and text fields.

To export a schedule as an .exf file,

  1. Open the schedule of interest by double clicking on it in the Execution Result window side panel.


    Recall that not all schedules generated are saved, only the quantity of top schedules specified in the Execution’s Run Settings are saved.

  1. The Schedule window will open with the Schedule tab already visible. Here the schedule is reported in the sortable table containing the ‘Activity ID’, ‘Task Name’ ‘Objective’ classification and the start and finish times along with all production and text fields contained in the SOT project.
  2. Click on the Export (.exf) button.


  3. An Export to EXF dialog window will open. Name the .exf file and select a location to save the file to; click OK.


  4. The schedule will now be exported as an .exf to the location specified.



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