7 Conducting a Capacity Analysis

The primary intent of the Capacity Analysis tool is to assist users in verifying the limits of feasible Capacity Constraints for the activities in a project, based on their durations and production fields. Activity durations imported when the project was created and production fields set in the Activity Filters Scenario are used to calculate the capacity rate limits for configured Products, Contaminants, Equipment, Other Properties and Plants. A Capacity Analysis will calculate the minimum capacity that may be assigned and the maximum that would not constrain activities for a configured Activity Filter Scenario. The minimum and maximum capacities can be calculated in terms of minutes, hours, days, weeks and average years (365.2428 days). Maximum Lag can be excluded or included in the Capacity Analysis as desired.

To carry out a Capacity Analysis,

  1. Open the Project Menu by clicking on Project.
  2. From the Project Menu options select Perform Capacity Analysis.


  3. A Capacity Analysis dialog window will open. Select from the drop-down menu the Activity Filter Scenario to be assessed.


    The Activity Filter Scenario selected will dictate the weight and length fields the Capacity Analysis will assess. The weight field defined in the selected Activity Filter Scenario will be used for Products, Contaminants, weight type Equipment, weight type Other Properties and Plants. The length field defined in the selected Activity Filter Scenario will be used for length type Equipment and length type Other Properties.

  1. Define the period over which to calculate the maximum and minimum production field capacities.


  2. Exclude the Max Lag from the calculations by unchecking the Use max lag checkbox.



    Include the Max Lags in the calculations by leaving the checkbox checked.


  1. Select the parameters to conduct a Capacity Analysis on by clicking the checkboxes.


  2. Click the button run button.


  3. The results of the analysis will appear and be reported in a table.


    It is important to remember that the minimum and maximum capacities identified by the analysis do not take into account any settings configured in the Mine Scenario.

  1. Click the button close button to close the window.



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