Maximize the net present value (NPV) of your entire resource


Open pits or mines with a combination of above and underground operations need a software tool that optimizes their long-range schedules like SOT does for underground.

Current Options

There are no present options for mine planners to optimize schedules for diversified operations.

The Solution

SurfaceSOT is a unique solution that works with all types of mining operations to maximize NPV through optimizing long-range schedules. SurfaceSOT includes management of stockpiles, blending and sorting, and minimizing the re-handling of materials.

SurfaceSOT allows you to:

  • Optimize the NPV of your long-range schedule for multiple orebodies
  • Use SOT for open pit operations
  • Evaluate blending and sorting approaches
  • Generate alternative optimized schedules for selection
  • Provide a long-range schedule that can be effectively implemented with the Attain software package
  • Obtain the full economic value of your mining operation
Revolution Mining Software is currently running a series of case studies on the use of Attain and SurfaceSOT. Find out today about the benefits of participating in this unique program.