Maximize the alignment of your short-range schedule with your long-range plan.


  • Unplanned events cause frequent deviations from the schedule

  • Decisions need to be made rapidly on the reassignment of crews and equipment

  • Unforeseen long-term consequences of necessary re-planning decisions

  • Value is lost in execution from the long-range plan

Current Options

Manual re-planning / re-deployment.

The Solution

Attain is a new software tool allowing operational mine planning to align systematically with the long-range plan—the first for operational mine planning that produces feasible, optimized short-range schedules aligned with the long-range schedule.


Attain is the ”Short-term SOT” solution. Attain:

  • Facilitates a smooth transition from long-range scheduling to short-range scheduling
  • Maximizes alignment of the short-range schedule with the long-range schedule
  • Generates alternative optimized schedules for selection


Attain periodically generates a short-range schedule, such as a 3-month schedule, based on the actuals to-date and the long-range schedule. When unplanned events occur, Attain is there to offer scheduling alternatives respecting these additional constraints. The mine planner then reviews and selects a short-range schedule.

Attain allows you to:

  • Adjust the short-range schedule in response to unplanned events
  • Account for equipment movement, maintenance schedules, and congestion factors
  • Minimize deviation from the long-range schedule
  • Flag when it becomes necessary to re-schedule for the long-range
  • Attain the full economic value of your mining operation
Revolution Mining Software is currently running a series of case studies on the use of Attain and SurfaceSOT. Find out today about the benefits of participating in this unique program.