Maximize the NPV
of your underground resource.

Schedule Optimization Tool

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Mining companies constantly strive to improve productivity and profitability. With high costs and volatile commodity prices, achieving these goals requires a focus on reducing economic and technical risks.

Current Options

Mine planners rely heavily on experience and intuition to arrive at a small number of alternative mine designs and corresponding long-term schedules. Improving the net present value of a given long-term schedule is a daunting and time-consuming process when using conventional methods.

The Solution

SOT, the Schedule Optimization Tool, allows the mine planner to efficiently optimize alternative strategic options. By this means, SOT supports evidence-based decision-making, allowing mining companies to improve productivity and profitability.

SOT allows you to:

  • Significantly increase the net present value (NPV) of your mining operation
  • Select among alternative high-NPV schedules
  • Assess cash flows, mine life, utilization of equipment and plants
  • Perform scenario analyses relating to alternative mine designs
  • Perform sensitivity analyses relating to operating costs and commodity prices
  • Perform trade-off studies relating to the fleet size
  • Perform ‘what-if’ studies relating to potentially-economic material
  • Perform timing studies related to capital expenditures
  • Rapidly re-optimize when conditions change
"SOT has been an essential tool for most Newmont underground operations and projects, providing optimized mine plans with various constraints. There are a lot of challenges, from geotech and ventilation to scheduling, and we rely heavily on SOT to test different mine plans. The enhancements of the tool that are under development will also benefit the sites greatly."


– Hongliang (Henry) Wang, PhD, PE

Optimization Engineer/Scientist, Technical Services

Newmont Mining Corporation